. How to place an order?
To order a product you must follow these steps:
1. Visit our online store and choose the product you wish to order.
2. C
ustomize your order, selecting the characteristics of the product you wish to order.
3. Press the "Add to Cart" button.
4. Check your order and press the "Checkout" button.
5. Enter your username and your password, or if you are not a customer yet, fill in required information for a new registration.
6. Check the address for shipment (if you have a promotional coupon, enter the code in the appropriate field to access the discount).
7. Choose the expedition mode.
8. Choose the form of payment.
9. You can write a comment about your order.
10. Confirm the purchase.
Your order will be processed as soon as Con-Vit receives your payment.

. I forgot my password. How should I proceed?
If you don't remember your password, click here. You must type the email address you used to register, and you will receive a message in your email account with your password.

. I forgot my username.
If you don't remember your username, click here. You must type the email address you used to register, and you will receive a message in your email account with your username.

. Do I need to register to place order?
Yes. For security reasons, and to have access to your data and your orders.
By registering you will also receive Con-Vit newsletters with news, promotions and discounts.

. I've just made a purchase. How does the order process works?
When you make a purchase you will receive immediately a confirmation in your email.
Then after a few hours, you will receive another email with all order data and the method of payment chosen.
After payment is done, we will start the production of your order.
When the production of your order is finished, we will dispatch it to you.

. I have made a purchase but I did not receive any confirmation e-mail.
When you place an order you should receive an e-mail with the confirmation. If you haven't received anything, you may have entered your e-mail incorrectly, or our message may have been stuck in the Junk-box of your email account. If you need any help with this subject, please contact us.

. What payment methods are accepted?
Con-Vit accepts the following forms of payment:
Credit Card
. Paypal
. Bank Wire

. How much is shipping?
The shipping price will depend on the volume and weight of the products chosen. The final price will be calculated in the shopping cart.
Please be advised that if you are ordering from a non-EU country you may have pay additional costs such as: import duties, taxes, and charges, which are not included in the item price or shipping cost. These charges are the buyer's responsibility.

. Can I cancel an order?
Yes. You can cancel an order that haven't entered the manufacturing or shipping process yet by contacting to the following e-mail: info@con-vit.com.
If the production process have already started, on a customized product, Con-Vit may refuse to refund your order.

. What happens when a product is sold out?
If we can not provide a product, you will be informed of the new delivery date. In this situation you may choose to wait or cancel the order.

. How long does it take to manufacture my order?
The production time depends on the chosen product. This information will be available in the product description.
Con-Vit is committed to providing a fast production and shipment of your orders. However, since these are personalized products, please alow a 2 or 3 day grace period beyond the date specified.

. My order was sent but not received within the time specified. What can I do?
If you have not received your order in the deadline, please check the tracking number of your order, sent in the shipping confirmation email.
If there is no valid information, please contact us to: info@con-vit.com



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